Hey there Redcore Linux lovers!

It was a hell of a week for those of you affected by the Black Screen of Death bug which found it's way into our repository. I hope not many of you were hit by it, and I'm happy to announce that the bug is now squashed completely.

So, if you never had any issue with Redcore, you won't have from now on either, but if you were affected by the above bug, you may wanna update your system in order to restore functionality. And while at it, just as a side note: fresh installations and users who update from now on won't be affected. The bug affected only users who updated their system between 7th of February 2018 and 10th of February 2018.

The issue that caused the bug was a silent change in our upstream distribution, Gentoo Linux, a change that broke Qt5 libraries. Broken Qt5 libraries caused issues with SDDM, which no longer displayed the greeter in order to login, but a lovely black screen. I won't go into technical details in here, it took me 3 days of digging, rebuilding stuff, testing in order to debug this. But in the end I managed to find the root cause of the breackage and fix it. If you really wanna know the details, have a read in Gentoo bugtracker .

Ok, enough backstory let's get to the point. If you were hit by the bug, when the Black Screen of Death shows up, press the following key combination :


Login as root user and update the system :

sisyphus upgrade

After the update is finished, reboot the system and the issue will be gone.