Hey there Redcore Linux lovers!

A very long time ago we promised that one day we will add Plasma and Lumina desktop environments as alternatives to the default Lxqt desktop environment. Lumina will still have to wait a while, but Plasma is on the horizon and it is approaching fast.

In the last few days we did a lot of preparation work to be able to build Plasma packages cleanly. Our resources are limited and the buildserver feels overwhelmed sometimes, but with some infrastructure reorganisation we were able to free up the required computing power to do so. It's building as we speak and it should be complete in the next hours. After some testing, it will be pushed and made available for everybody using Redcore Linux.

Note : Please keep in mind we do not plan to ship a Plasma based ISO image anytime soon. The Plasma is being made available to install alongside Lxqt as an alternative. If you're happy with the new Plasma setup you'll be able to uninstall Lxqt afterwards.