Hey there Redcore Linux lovers!

In an attempt to bring new kernels faster, we changed the way we compile the kernel. In the process, we deprecated some very old build scripts and we cleaned up and adjusted dependencies. And since the opportunity presented itself, we went one step further and changed the names of the kernel packages and we compiled the very latest stable kernel.

So, what all of that mean to you as a Redcore Linux user?

First, it means old kernel packages were dropped from the repository and they won't receive further updates. You can keep them installed, they won't cause any problem, specially if you don't rely on any DKMS modules (nvidia, virtualbox, broadcom, bbswitch), they will work fine forever.

Second, if you rely on DKMS modules (nvidia, virtualbox, broadcom, bbswitch), it would be wise for you to switch to the new kernel packages, as future updates of the above DKMS modules may introduce incompatibilities with old kernels.

Ok, enough backstory, let's move on to instructions. As of this writing, we support two kernel versions, both of which are LTS releases, 4.9.x and 4.14.x.

Instructions :

Note : As a final warning, if you don't switch to new packages, you will no longer receive any kernel updates, meaning you will run a possible insecure system.