Hey there!

I'm happy to announce Redcore Linux 1908 (codename Mira) is now ready for prime time. This release is mostly about fixing bugs and some more polishing, however new features are not left out. Thousands of packages got updated, as this release is based on Gentoo's testing branch, unlike previous releases which were based on a mix of Gentoo's stable and testing branches. As such, you'll find the system to have very up-to-date packages. In adition, this release is focused of bringing the power of Gentoo to the masses like no other Gentoo based distribution ever attempted.

Changelog :
Known issues :
Other changes :

Starting with this release, Redcore Linux is based on Gentoo Linux's testing branch and as such it is now a cutting edge distribution. However, to avoid the cutting part as much as possible we have our own testing branch and testing binary repository. We do our resync with Gentoo on a weekly basis, in our testing branch, then after a while of testing we push the changes to our master branch. This works under the following scheme : Gentoo testing -> Redcore testing -> Redcore stable. One can ride on our testing branch (sisyphus can change the branch for you), and if you do so, please report any issues you find so we fix them before merging to master.

Requests :

It's been almost 3 years since I started this distribution, and I'm working on it on my own with little help from outside. I won't ask for donations, as I can support it financially myself, however, if you can provide a mirror for it, it would be greatly appreciated. Please get in contact, and I'll send you the rsync details.