We're pleased to announce that Redcore Linux Hardened 2102 (codename Polaris) is now available for download. This cycle was a rather smooth one, without major incidents, until the nasty portage bug announced in our last blogpost. But that one was not the only bug we addressed since our previous release. In fact, this release is mostly focused on polishing and fixing bugs, so you won't find many exciting new features inside. Though, we still updated over 1300 packages since our previous release and, to top it off, we did a mass rebuild of the whole repository.

Changelog :
Known issues :
Ending thoughts :

In November, Redcore Linux will be 5 years old. We never asked for monetary donations and we never will as we do not need them, such donations are purely optional. We do need more mirrors though. At the moment we only have 4 and frankly that's not enough. The entire Redcore Linux archive is about 80Gb in size. If you have the space and bandwith or know someone who can help, that would be a great anniversary gift and much appreciated. Please, do not hesitate to get in contact with us and ask for rsync details.