After 11 months of development, I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of Redcore Linux Hardened 2401 (codename Tarazed) stable ISO. Not much has changed on the surface, the distribution works and looks the same, however this cycle saw lots of work under the hood. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to one particular individual, who made a hobby in finding bugs in Sisyphus', our package manager, codebase. Your detailed reports helped tremendously to iron out issues. You know who you are, and please, keep the bug reports coming.

Changelog :
Known issues :
Ending notes :

Gentoo Linux finally did it. They announced a repository of binary packages, and it is used by default on new installations, with an option to ignore the binaries as if they never existed. Maybe Redcore Linux played a role in influencing that decision, maybe it didn't. If they did it 10 years ago, it is likely that Redcore Linux would have never existed. However, at this time, we will be continuing doing what we've been doing for the past years, and try to bring Gentoo Linux to the masses. Having multiple options is healthy.