Hey there!

After a succesfull launch of Redcore Linux Hardened 2101 (codename Orion) last month, we shifted our attention to our weakest point : documentation. Yes, over time we've heard many people saying we're lacking a proper documentation, and frankly, they're right. We could say "developers hate to write documentation", and while we agree with that statement, we could do better.

At first, we attempted to update the wiki (dokuwiki) software, which completely broke it for some reason and a fresh install didn't help either. At that point we've decided to start from scratch, and we did just that, replacing dokuwiki with mediawiki. Then, we had a long hard look asking ourselves if importing the old wiki articles is worth the effort. However we quickly realised those are massively out-of-date and deprecated, making the import pointless. So we started writing some new articles, based on how Redcore Linux works today. At the moment is still mostly empty, however some articles of high interest are already there : how sisyphus works, and how to install nvidia-drivers, among other things. We promise it will grow over time, we are commited to it. Head over to https://wiki.redcorelinux.org to check it out.

One more thing

Since ARM becomes more and more important, a week ago we started working on a ARM build of Redcore Linux. It will target Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 computers, it will run in 64bit mode only, and we're happy to say things look good so far. We already have over 600 packages ready and that number is growing on a daily basis. The image will be made available in the next weeks/months.